Article: D is for Danse Macabre

danse macabre

Medieval Europe faced deadly horrors such as the 100 Year War, hardship, and famine. In the wake of the terrifying Black Plague of 1347-1349 AD, a fascination with the macabre took over popular iconography. Skeletons, graves, bones, and grinning skulls appeared in art, with the “Danse Macabre” joining the popular culture. Translated from French to “morbid dance,” many identify … [Read more...]

Article: Jane Austen’s Gothic


Jane Austen had a dark passion. She read Gothic romance novels. In fact, she read some obscure Gothic literature, even works written in German. These atmospheric tales of the supernatural provided a springboard for her satirical “Northanger Abbey” published in 1818. This novel sees Isabella Thorpe recommending a list of gothic classics to her friend Catherine Morland. The … [Read more...]

Article: Reopening the X-Files- A Top Ten List


With Fox’s exciting announcement, the 27.3 million fans of the pop-culture phenomenon quivered. David Duchovny will don his G-man suit as Fox “Spooky” Mulder and Gillian Anderson will re-dye her hair to Dana Scully’s signature red to reprise their award-winning roles. “X-files” episodes ranged from “monster of the week” stand-alones to an intricate, mysterious mythology … [Read more...]

Article: Gothic and Great

Vintage Gothic

It is said all great works stand on the shoulders of giants. Of course, modern horror owes a huge debt to gothic fiction. Fingerprints of the gothic remain in retellings of haunted houses that are more than settings but characters in their own rights and in madness visiting even the most unlikely characters. Horace Walpole’s 1764 “The Castle of Otranto” is credited as the … [Read more...]

Article: An Auspicious Friday

Friday the 13th

In 2015, three months host Friday the Thirteenths. February, March, and November. For some Halloween enthusiasts, such auspicious dates deserve celebration, perhaps watching one or all of the twelve slasher flicks starring hockey-mask-clad villains from the 1980’s. Such was the popularity of the films and their lead, Jason Voorhees, that the Friday the Thirteenth franchise … [Read more...]