Eight Seconds of Torment by Michael Thomas-Knight


Eyes open wide. Adrenalin, panic, confusion. Dirt against my face. Wet leaves try to smother my breath. The gray façade of a large tree stump comes to focus in my view, about two yards away. I can’t move, can’t pick myself up off the ground. Flashes of memory. Camping in the state park. Awakened. A man with an axe. Big man, large bald head, crazy eyes. Do not like this man. … [Read more...]

Article: To Own a Monster-The Aurora Monster Models

Aurora Monster Kits

Almost anyone who was a child in the 1960's and 70's in the US would have at one time owned an Aurora brand model kit. It was a special time in history. Universal Pictures had just licensed their most famous films for Television broadcast. Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine was bringing the excitement of these films into the hearts of boys not so interested in sports and … [Read more...]

Article: The Ouija Board (and other fortune telling games)

Black Cat Fortune Game

Ouija Board usage will naturally rise in the month of October when daring Halloween celebrators look for some spooky fun. From the 1850’s to the 1950’s it was considered quite normal for the average person to communicate with the dead. It was the height of the spiritualist movement in the US and these practices were common. That’s why you can see older ads for the Ouija Board … [Read more...]


Godzilla 1954

Why Godzilla films? Many people may ask “Why do grown men watch Godzilla films?” My wife and daughters don’t understand. When a Godzilla film is on, they roll their eyes and make quick passage through the living room, lest I stop them to explain the ridiculous plot, for no apparent reason.   Aside from the original 1954 Gojira, with its serious tone, … [Read more...]