Article: YUCK! The Top 5 Grossest Movie Monsters

The Incredible Melting Man

Though I consider myself a fan of horror that has a fair balance of artistic merit and visceral  scares, I am not above a first-class, old fashioned gore fest. My eyes have taken in the squishy crimson goodness of Re-Animator, Romero's Dawn of the Dead (initially Rated X over its violent gore), The Thing, Hellraiser, Cannibal Holocaust and every gleefully sadistic Herschel … [Read more...]

Article: My Favorite Foes of Godzilla

Godzilla foes

Being a rabid Godzilla fan, even the embarrassingly bad G movies do not have an effect on my love for the King of Monsters. Having a seven-year-old son who is now discovering Japan's biggest (heh-heh) export rekindles many fond memories of quivering suitmation and bad dubbing. Explaining the appeal of a Godzilla film (especially the crude films of the 60s/70s) is similar to … [Read more...]

Top 5 Scariest Stephen King Monsters


You would be hard pressed to find an author who has created such terrifying monsters as the most prolific modern horror author himself, Stephen King. Of all the monstrous creations he has concocted to keep us up all night, there are five monsters in particular from his fiction that have frightened me more deeply than the others. But, before we continue, let's discuss the … [Read more...]

Article: Drive-In Radio Spots

Asylum of the Insane

If you are old enough to remember the drive-in, then you are probably old enough to remember horror movie ads. And though most may recall watching trailers on television, I vividly remember listening to ads on the car radio. I have been collecting these audio spots for a few years now, and I thought I would share my favorites here. They are posted for pure nostalgia only and I … [Read more...]

13 Great Horror Toy Commercials

Stretch Monster

Having been born in the 60's I mourn quite a few things that have been lost to time and technological advancements. Drive-In theaters, video stores and record shops are places that I don't think my six year-old son will ever be able to fully appreciate or understand. But the one thing that I think makes me sadder than all of that; Saturday morning cartoons. Now, when I was a … [Read more...]