Who Could Say No to a Skeleton-in-a-Casket Cake?

Halloween Skeleton in Casket Cake

Each Halloween I make yummy treats for family and friends. Cakes, cookies, cake pops... whatever tickles my fancy. When I ran across a casket pan by Wilton last year, I was in spooky heaven. Turns out it was the easiest cake I'd ever made. I use Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" cake recipe. This has been my go-to recipe for years, and the result is a moist, not-too-sweet, treat. … [Read more...]

Scaring Kiddies the Right Way this Halloween

Zombie leaping out of a casket toward kids.

Planning to host a spooky trick-or-treat event? Who could blame you? Every year my husband and I haul out the coffin and lots of props, and gear up to scare the heck out of the neighborhood. I'm talking lots of fog, strobe lights, bloody bodies, and a "corpse" you have to grab the candy from, praying he doesn't jump out at you (and he will!). And, every year, people watch … [Read more...]

Eyeball Cake Balls

Eyeball Cake Balls

Looking for a unique treat for that Halloween bash? Look no further than gourmet style cake pop balls. Of course, these won't cost you upward of $3 a piece (more like 25-cents), and they require less "perfection" than any cake or cupcake. I've been making cake pops and cake balls (seriously, it's the same thing without the stick!) for some time now, and find it difficult to … [Read more...]

Thinking Inside the Box

Joe Monks lying in a casket - Halloween 2013

You've heard the phrase, "Ain't nothing like the real thing." It's the truth. Sure, perhaps for a film or for a stage production, you can get away with a cheap imitation, but when it comes to getting up-close-and-personal in the scares department? Get real. No paper mache casket is going to cut it. Couple years back, I was going to do a short film, and needed a coffin. … [Read more...]