Interview with Tom Piccirilli

Tom Piccirilli

Tom Piccirilli is an American novelist, short story writer and poet. He has sold over 300 stories in the mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, erotica, and science fiction fields, has written more than 20 novels including Shadow Season, The Cold Spot, The Coldest Mile, The Midnight Road, and A Choir of Ill Children and has published three poetry collections including A Student … [Read more...]

Interview with RJ Cavender

RJ Cavender

[Editor's Note: You have 12 hours to pledge to the Stanley Hotel Writer's Retreat! So go pledge! It will be the event for horror authors and readers to attend!-TMW] I stood facing the corner near the end of the hallway. I felt a heaviness pushing me down, but it was also pulling me. I slid into the seat of my Big Wheel, grabbed the high-fly handlebars and took a deep breath. … [Read more...]

James A. Moore Interview

James A. Moore

I’m humbled and honored for the opportunity to interview James A. Moore. James Moore has an extensive body of work as varied and encompassing as his own body of life experience. I have found when you have such a multi-varied background, what emerges becomes a multi-layered mystery – an eclectic multi-layered mystery than can only come close to being solved by genuinely … [Read more...]

Interview with Rocky Wood

Rocky Wood interview

[Editor's note: It is my sad duty to report that Rocky Wood has lost his battle with ALS. Our sympathies to his family. Rocky was one of the kindest and most supportive souls I have ever encountered. RIP Mr. Wood.-TMW/Dec-1st, 2014] I am so pleased to do this interview with Rocky Wood. It is really beyond words. Not only do I have the deepest respect and honor for this man, … [Read more...]

Horror Art: An Interview with Steve Crisp

Houses by Bentley Little featuring a Steve Crisp cover

[Editor's note: Steve Crisp is one of the greatest horror artists in the field. He has been at it for over thirty years and his work has graced the book covers of Richard Laymon, Stephen King, John le Carre, Michael Moorcock, Clive Cussler and many others. His film posters include Aliens", " The Princess Bride "  and " Death on the Nile". I am a huge fan and I am happy to have … [Read more...]