Article: Where Do We Go When We Die?


It is one of our oldest questions: Where do we go when we die – or does death simply mean oblivion? The ancient Egyptians believed that the soul went on to the kingdom of the dead, known as the Duat. To get there, it faced demons and fierce animals, finally arriving at the Hall of Two Truths, where its heart was weighed against the feather of truth and justice. If the heart … [Read more...]

Article: Gothic and Great

Vintage Gothic

It is said all great works stand on the shoulders of giants. Of course, modern horror owes a huge debt to gothic fiction. Fingerprints of the gothic remain in retellings of haunted houses that are more than settings but characters in their own rights and in madness visiting even the most unlikely characters. Horace Walpole’s 1764 “The Castle of Otranto” is credited as the … [Read more...]

Interview with Tom Piccirilli

Tom Piccirilli

Tom Piccirilli is an American novelist, short story writer and poet. He has sold over 300 stories in the mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, erotica, and science fiction fields, has written more than 20 novels including Shadow Season, The Cold Spot, The Coldest Mile, The Midnight Road, and A Choir of Ill Children and has published three poetry collections including A Student … [Read more...]

Article: An Auspicious Friday

Friday the 13th

In 2015, three months host Friday the Thirteenths. February, March, and November. For some Halloween enthusiasts, such auspicious dates deserve celebration, perhaps watching one or all of the twelve slasher flicks starring hockey-mask-clad villains from the 1980’s. Such was the popularity of the films and their lead, Jason Voorhees, that the Friday the Thirteenth franchise … [Read more...]

Article: Drive-In Radio Spots

Asylum of the Insane

If you are old enough to remember the drive-in, then you are probably old enough to remember horror movie ads. And though most may recall watching trailers on television, I vividly remember listening to ads on the car radio. I have been collecting these audio spots for a few years now, and I thought I would share my favorites here. They are posted for pure nostalgia only and I … [Read more...]