Revenge by Alison McBain

Revenge by Alison McBain

When Maria turned to look over her shoulder for the third time in as many minutes, George did also. “What is it?” “Nothing,” she said, too quickly. “Forget it. We’ll be late to the party.” That’s when he heard it. Out of the darkness, a low growl marched up the back of his neck. They walked faster, but the sound intensified behind them. Up ahead where the streetlights had … [Read more...]

Evicted by Matthew Weber

Evicted by Matthew Weber

Preston Theodore Cantor III smiled with delight as he taped the eviction notice to the apartment door, right over the large red X. His fifth of the evening, he'd warned each of the forty tenants of his newly inherited Redstone Tower that late payments would no longer be tolerated. He hoped for victory by attrition, and ultimately to fill the building with a better class of … [Read more...]

Eight Seconds of Torment by Michael Thomas-Knight


Eyes open wide. Adrenalin, panic, confusion. Dirt against my face. Wet leaves try to smother my breath. The gray façade of a large tree stump comes to focus in my view, about two yards away. I can’t move, can’t pick myself up off the ground. Flashes of memory. Camping in the state park. Awakened. A man with an axe. Big man, large bald head, crazy eyes. Do not like this man. … [Read more...]

Freckles by Kristopher Triana

freckles 2

She was alone on the dock, her hair dancing on the night wind like the licks of a torch, and just as red. Her hands were in the water, moving feverishly. I came closer - lurking, aroused. The shroud clung to her like a thin layer of flesh, accentuating the curves of her body. She was pale with a splattering of freckles upon her forearms. I watched them writhe in the lake … [Read more...]

The Only Secret You Will Ever Need To Know by Ken Goldman

only secret

When Ricky entered his brother’s bedroom Jared’s excitement was palpable. “This came in the mail today. Want to see?” The boy looked at the object his older brother held. Studying it he made a funny looking face, both scrunched up and skeptical. “So? It’s just an  old book.” Jared smirked. “Maybe. Maybe not. Found it on e-bay. Look. It’s got this strap wrapped … [Read more...]