The Only Secret You Will Ever Need To Know by Ken Goldman

only secret

When Ricky entered his brother’s bedroom Jared’s excitement was palpable. “This came in the mail today. Want to see?” The boy looked at the object his older brother held. Studying it he made a funny looking face, both scrunched up and skeptical. “So? It’s just an  old book.” Jared smirked. “Maybe. Maybe not. Found it on e-bay. Look. It’s got this strap wrapped … [Read more...]

Fear Wager by D. Morgan Ballmer

Fear Wager

One contestant, once a year, these are the rules of the Fear Wager. October 31st you'll find me sitting upon my ramshackle porch, rocking back and forth in my rickety chair. My mask amuses you. It always does. "What are you supposed to be, a tree ornament?" you say. "I wear the head of the Yule Goat," I say, "Is my narrow wicker muzzle not terrifying? Are my ribbon strewn … [Read more...]

Interview with RJ Cavender

RJ Cavender

[Editor's Note: You have 12 hours to pledge to the Stanley Hotel Writer's Retreat! So go pledge! It will be the event for horror authors and readers to attend!-TMW] I stood facing the corner near the end of the hallway. I felt a heaviness pushing me down, but it was also pulling me. I slid into the seat of my Big Wheel, grabbed the high-fly handlebars and took a deep breath. … [Read more...]

Old Man Rylie by Kerry E.B. Black

old man rylie

Darned kids caused a ruckus in his neighborhood, and Old Man Rylie needed his sleep. They hooted and carry on, demanding treats of the poor saps who lit their porches. Not Rylie. Rylie knew better than open his door to miscreants with greedy fingers and sugar-wild eyes. Most grew dissatisfied with fleeting pleasures, then they desired to stay long past their time. They … [Read more...]

Sweet Tooth by Patrick Freivald

Sweet Tooth

Henpeck reached out a jagged claw and pressed the button. The doorbell chime sent shivers of anticipation up his spine, and he stifled a giggle as the foyer light came on, a modern LED devoid of heat or passion. "Trick or treat!" he yelled in chorus with his companions, and the old woman put a hand to her chest, in mock-astonishment. Her bright floral Mumu did little to hide … [Read more...]