Horror Art: An Interview with Steve Crisp

Houses by Bentley Little featuring a Steve Crisp cover

[Editor's note: Steve Crisp is one of the greatest horror artists in the field. He has been at it for over thirty years and his work has graced the book covers of Richard Laymon, Stephen King, John le Carre, Michael Moorcock, Clive Cussler and many others. His film posters include Aliens", " The Princess Bride "  and " Death on the Nile". I am a huge fan and I am happy to have … [Read more...]

Artist Spotlight: Matt Deterior


Extremely disenchanted with the mundane "opiates" of today's society, Matt Deterior creates artwork as a way to reach a world he fails to connect with or comprehend. TV, video games, sports, the weather, religion, pop culture are nothing more than empty distractions. His reaction to society's blind acceptance of these distractions are what fuel his work. Both directly and … [Read more...]