Halloween Party Play List

Monster Mash Peter Pan record

I have children, and their musical tastes diverge from my own. That said, the other day on the Disney Channel, a new version of “Monster Mash” played, a sort-of teen beach movie sort of take on the classic ‘Graveyard Smash.’ It took me a few minutes to recognize the perennial favorite in its new guise. I re-introduced my brood to the original Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett and the … [Read more...]

Horror Music: Goblin


Goblin is an Italian progressive rock band known to many  70's and 80's horror movie fans. They have worked with Dario Argento on many of the Italian horror film director's soundtracks.    From the official Goblin site: The group of Goblin was created by Claudio Simonetti and Massimo Morante. In 1973 Claudio Simonetti and Massimo Morante recorded and sung several … [Read more...]