Chavez for Charity Jewelry Is Scary Philanthropic

Chavez For Charity White Skulls - Benefitting  Matthew Shepard Foundation

We are Halloween Forevermore.  We love horror and things that make you sit up in bed at night and exclaim, "Holy Crap!  What was that?"  But like Frankenstein, who will scare the crap out of you if you encounter him under moon's light, but who also melts at the sight of a sweet little girl with pretty flowers, we love the creepy and crawly with a heart.  We may like to don … [Read more...]

Game Review: Munchkin Zombies

Munchkin Zombies game

Munchkin Zombies by Steve Jackson Games I love games. Board games, video games, card games, role-playing games... I dig them all. My only problem with games these days is that I don't have the  time to actually sit down and play them. So when Halloween Forevermore opened the site up to horror product reviews, I jumped at the chance to have a great excuse to play … [Read more...]