Television Review: iZombie Pilot

izombieWith the entertainment industry absolutely saturated with all things zombie, I had zero expectations going into this new TV series.  To me yet another book, movie, or TV show about zombies was like adding salt to an anchovy.  We don’t need it.  And eventually we’re going to spit this undead mess out of our mouth and make room for the next fantastic trend.  But for now we’ll continue to pretend that there are still more rotting human tales to tell (I guess I can’t complain too much.  I’m responsible for some of that salt).

iZombie is a new TV show based on the Vertigo/DC Comic developed  by the CW Television Network.  To give a thorough review I’m going to include spoilers, so if you’re looking for the verdict just read the last line or two for a summarization.  That’s usually how these things go.

The spoils:  Girl is a doctor and engaged to be married.  Life is good.  Girl ends up at a boat party where there’s an isolated zombie outbreak.  Girl is contaminated by the zombie virus and ends up drowning in the water.  Girl wakes up in a body bag on the beach completely intact (including her rationale, motor skills, and sense of humor) but a bit paler and with a new appetite for “brain food.”

Fast forward five months and she’s no longer engaged (loves her fiancé too much to fill him in or subject him) and she now has a job in forensics doing autopsies—talk about convenience food.  Out of nowhere, the woman’s co-worker puts two and two together and labels her a zombie.  But not to worry cuz he’ll never tell.  She explains to the secret holder that if she doesn’t eat brains she gets stupid and angry.  He’s down with letting her munch at work…ON work, and after eating the brain of a recent homicide victim in her salad like some pink crouton tofu, she develops visions of what the victim went through and so establishes a relationship with a detective who thinks she’s a psychic.  In a nutshell, that’s iZombie.

The one thing that helped me look past some of the poorly written jokes was the concept that pale girl also picks up a few attributes from the person she’s currently digesting.  So not only is she seeing through their eyes, but she’s got some of their brains…figuratively; be it bad habits or a foreign language, etc.  The pilot didn’t elaborate for how long she holds onto these new talents and faults, but my guess is just long enough to get the case solved, while each episode she’ll pick up fresh traits.

iZombie is 80% whodunit cop show and 20% undead.  My cons for the show would have to include the people close to zombie girl and their ignorance toward her new look.  It was a bit unbelievable.  And at least half of the “jokes” fell stale.  Normally character problems for me fade after time, so those characters I may have issues with will probably feel like good acquaintances by mid season, and at this rate I anticipate sticking around that long.

As bad as I tore up the zombie bandwagon at the beginning of the review, I have to admit I’m looking forward to the next episode.  And maybe even the one after that.  Pass the salt please.

Check out this iZombie trailer:

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